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10 Things to Know About Le Dîner En Blanc Victoria


Are you a newbie to Dîner en Blanc Victoria? Or, perhaps, you’re a seasoned professional. When it comes to the extravagant, annual ‘blanc’ picnic here are a list of 10 things to know.

  1. The venue is always a secret location.

The location of the event is one of Dîner en Blanc’s unique features. No-one knows the final venue until they arrive…

  1. Dîner en Blanc is one giant picnic created by a multitude of smaller picnics.

Though the sheer size of the event may seem overwhelming, the intimacy of your table section is what makes the event so special.

  1. Food is meant for sharing.

Organize your group or dinner party to bring various dishes that can be passed around and enjoyed by everyone!

  1. The event is French-inspired.

All elements provide subtle hints of France--the music, the food, and the celebration of love. Feel free to add French elements to your evening. “Célébrez l'amour!”

  1. Wine is the only alcoholic beverage on the menu.

There is no better beverage to represent the French culture--though you may find beer and cocktails at the after-party!

  1. Dîner en Blanc began over 25 years ago in Paris.

It's now celebrated in over 75 cities around the world from Barcelona to Singapore to Sydney to Mexico City (and of course, Victoria)!

  1. The white dress code was originally implemented so guests could find each other in the busy parks of Paris.

Tradition, tradition, tradition. Today, the dress code remains strong and creates an extraordinary beginning to the gathering that is the “sea of white”.

  1. The dress code colour is white--not "ivory" or "cream".

Subtle hues can make all the difference. In this case, you’ll want to ensure that your eye isn’t tricked by another shade of white.

  1. The napkin wave and the sparkler moment are two signature moments.

The napkin wave signals the start of dinner, and the sparklers light up the night-sky at the end of the evening!

  1. The more you indulge and prepare for the event, the better your experience will be!

From transportation to table set-up to planning for an easy clean-up, the more carefully you prepare the easier your experience will be.


Were there any facts that surprised you? Share them with us in the comments below.


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