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A Look Back at Dîner en Blanc Victoria

Each year, Dîner en Blanc invokes quintessential elements of magic. Recapturing these elusive sparks and creating another stunning experience is what the Dîner en Blanc Victoria team strives to do each year. The uniqueness is spawned by the venue and the attendees, keeping the sparkle alive.


As the fifth anniversary of Dîner en Blanc approaches, we’re taking a look back at each year that has brought us here. An accumulation of dedication, passion, and unbridled excitement brings about a truly memorable and special experience for everyone. Without further ado, here are five things that  gave each year it’s distinct sparkle as we count down the days until our fifth year of Dîner en Blanc Victoria!


2013 - St. Ann’s Academy

  1. The inaugural year of Dîner en Blanc Victoria

  2. A beautiful orchard setting

  3. A stunning brick wall that lined the venue

  4. A glamorous “picnic in the park”

  5. Uplit trees once darkness settled around us






2014 - Fisherman’s Wharf Park

  1. Celebrated Victoria in a newly landscaped and remodeled city park

  2. We saw our first-ever Dîner en Blanc Victoria wedding proposal--and she said “Yes!”

  3. A beautiful James Bay location

  4. A great event backdrop was formed by the wharf

  5. A special, exclusive after-party at the Sticky Wicket Rooftop patio

Copy of DEB_Victoria_img062.jpg


Copy of DEB_Victoria_img110 (1).jpg

Copy of DEB_Victoria_img118.jpg

2015 - Ship Point

  1. A multi-million dollar yacht acted as the stage for entertainment

  2. Beautiful sunny skies joined us for the evening

  3. We celebrated in the iconic Inner Harbour with stunning views

  4. Three sides of the venue were surrounded by the ocean!

  5. An elegant after-party was hosted in the stunning Ivy Ballroom at the Empress Hotel


Calli O Photo Camera 1-99-(ZF-1179-75764-1-056).jpg


Countdown image.jpg

Calli O Photo Camera 1-196-(ZF-1179-75764-1-142).jpg


2016 - Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel

  1. Victoria’s breath-taking Inner Harbour acted as the background for event stages

  2. Guests dined on the Delta’s patio terrace and grassy hills

  3. Decor was integrated to add feelings of wonder

  4. A beautiful, pink sunset accompanied us throughout the evening

  5. The largest number of guests were welcomed to date (thank you to all 1,700 of you!)












Dîner en Blanc Victoria 2017 is still yet to be discovered. Now that you know where we’ve been, can you see where we’re going? We cannot wait to celebrate this great city with all of you!

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