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Dîner En Blanc Victoria: What’s in Our Picnic Basket?

Celebrating the secret venue while dressing in elegant white attire is what makes this evening so unique. Yet, beyond the mystery and beauty, Le Dîner en Blanc is an unconventional picnic. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider a few things when planning your meal for Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoria.
Will your food be hot or cold? How will you package and transport your dishes? How prepared will your dishes be? 
We recommend bringing food that is as easy to transport as it is to eat. To help you design your picnic basket here’s a look at our favourites to start, for the main and to finish. 

To Start: Classic Charcuterie


2016DEBVictoria-photo-JonathanEvans-HighRes-image53.jpgDîner en Blanc 2015 Toronto photo Evan Berstra -EB-115.jpg


A charcuterie board is our go-to appetizer. After all, they are delicious, impressive, easy to make and easier to share! With countless options and combinations, charcuterie boards are a great way to show your personality. Here’s what’s on our board:

  • Cheese - Port Salut, Brie, Gouda, Fontina, a goat cheese and a Pecorino Romano. Select a variety of soft, semi-firm and hard cheeses to ensure that you have at least one of each. For further variety, vary the type of milk that is used to make the cheese such as cow, sheep or goat.
  • Meat - Prosciutto, salami, dried salami and roast turkey. They are all easy to pick up at a local deli
  • Crackers - Rice crackers, seeded crackers, Raincoast Crisps, cheese sticks and a pre-cut french baguette. This is a good way to clean up your pantry while also indulging in some fresh, French bread. 
  • Additions - Grapes, apple, melon, dried apricots, figs or fig spread, pecans, almonds, and feta stuffed olives. Here’s where you can get creative! The cheese is the star of the show, but the accompaniments you choose complete your plate.

 Pack up your items and prepare them on a wooden board or platter!
For the Main: Orzo Shrimp Salad

shrimp salad.jpg


Orzo is served decadently both hot and cold. So, adhering to our cool theme for this menu plan, this dish made it into our basket. Sweet, roasted corn kernels, cherry tomatoes and juicy shrimp are balanced out with pepperoncini hot peppers, acidic lemon juice and red wine vinegar for a full main course. Heightened with basil and parsley, this dish is a salad disguised! 
For the full Orzo Shrimp Salad get the recipe here. For an alternative try adding asparagus, or use different orzo salad altogether like this Caprese Orzo Salad.  
To Finish: Mini Key Lime Pies

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.44.05 PM.png


Summer and key lime pie are like France and wine - they just go together. These individual key lime pies are easy to make and simple to transport, all while making a beautiful presentation! With only three ingredients in the crust and four in the filling, your meal can easily end with a showstopper! Garnish with a slice of lime and whipped cream. Get the recipe here.  
Individual-sized desserts are perfect for ensuring there are no leftovers. Plus, a single, mini key lime pie is easier on the eyes than half of a large pie. Other options include chocolate mousse, pavlovas, or tarts. Or sweetest tip is to verge towards mini desserts. 
As an Alternative: Have Dinner Catered




Planning, preparing, and packing a picnic is a fun thing to do, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Or maybe you’d rather treat your date! Not to worry - you can choose to indulge in a dinner catered by our partners at The London Chef
Offering a variety of deluxe meals, you can order a deliciously prepared dinner in beautiful packaging. The following two menus prepared by The London Chef have been enjoyed at past events.
Lillet Menu: Chargrilled vegetables with Tuscan salsa verde, Provencale olive tapenade and a garlic and olive oil crostini; a goat cheese tart with fresh figs and Vancouver Island honey; a bibb lettuce salad with parsley, tarragon, chive, chervil and vinaigrette; finished with a classic cannoli and your choice of ricotta creams garnished with fresh fruit. 
Pernod Menu: Arugula salad with grilled peaches, prosciutto, a walnut crumble and balsamic reduction; charred hook and line yellow fin tuna with chilled pistou, lemon zest and orzo salad, roast asparagus, sunwing tomatoes with fresh basil and emulsified basil oil; a demi baguette and lemon and sea salt compound butter; finished with a Madagascan vanilla and grappa panna cotta with rhubarb and blood orange compote, cacao, coffee and walnut crumble, fresh blueberries with mint and lemon zest. 
Decadence comes to mind when reading over these menus. However, for those looking to indulge in a complete elegant experience, The London Chef also offers a plated meal service, prepared and served on-site with white china.

We hope these menu ideas inspire you to fill up your picnic basket. Choose the option that fancies your palate. We look forward to seeing your creativity at Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoria 2017!
Stay tuned for a chance to win dinner for two... or an entire Dîner en Blanc Victoria experience for two!

Photos: Orzo Shrimp Salad, Mini Key Lime Pies

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