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How to Create the Perfect ‘Blanc’ Look

Each year, thousands of people gather dressed in head-to-toe blanc, with decorum, elegance and charm at mass ‘chic picnics’. An unconventional picnic. An extraordinary evening. The 5th anniversary of Le Dîner en Blanc Victoria is upon us: less than two weeks away! Surely you’ve given some thought to what you’re wearing. After all, the first thing for one to envision after receiving an invitation is what they’ll wear…


Perhaps you’ve been eyeing up your favourite white blouse and linen pants, been tirelessly on the hunt for white attire online or eyeing up pieces at curated local boutiques. Maybe you’ve already taken your white suit out of the closet-nostalgic with past memories.


Finding the perfect ‘blanc’ look helps to encapsulate the evening. Maybe you’re so excited for the evening that you haven’t given your attire much thought, just yet. Here’s our best advice and tips when it comes to blanc attire:


For the planner, it’s almost time to pull out your white suit or LWD (little/long-white-dress). You know what you’re doing here. It’s almost the night to show off your favourite number (!).


For the classic approach, KISS (keep it simple, stupid). A simple white suit for the gents will work just great or a white pant, shirt and jacket for the ladies. Keep it simple and keep in mind that it will cool down as the sun sets.

2016DEBVictoria-photo-JonathanEvans-HighRes-image106 (1).jpg


For the fashionista, mixing and matching textures works well with whites. Afterall, a lace and cashmere combination looks just as chic as an all-white 100% silk dress. The ‘blanc’ palette also opens up the floor for more structural, surprising or architectural details. Pull out items parading eyelets, pretty lace, unique embroidery or cut-out details.

Diner en Blanc 2014 Victoria photo HD013.jpg


For the minimalist, sometimes less is more. A cool, crisp look speaks volumes. Try differentiating through texture. Mix white pieces in leather, cotton and linen to keep your look visually rich.


For the dare devil, why not try going out of the box and out of the norm. Dive back a favourite era or find inspiration from a classic film.

2016DEBVictoria-photo-JonathanEvans-web-image78.jpg 2016DEBVictoria-photo-JonathanEvans-web-image82.jpg


For the monochromatic, need we say more...This is the event for you. Have you registered yet? Click here to join the party.


Our Best Attire Tip: Bring a jacket or cover up of some kind. Whether it's to keep you warm when the sun goes down or to hide a pesky red wine stain, you will not regret having something on hand.


It is important that we reiterate the white dress code as subtle hues can make all the difference. You’ll want to ensure that your eye isn’t tricked by ivory, cream or another shade of white. We look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity at Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoria 2017!


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