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Save the Date - Victoria 2016 calling!

Save the Date! Le Diner en Blanc Returns to Victoria - Thursday June 23rd, 2016
On Thursday, June 25th 2015, 1500 guests descended upon Ship's Point Inner Harbour in Victoria to enjoy a magical evening with close friends & masses alike. In 2014, napkins were waved along the lawn of Fisherman's Wharf Park and 2013, sparklers were set alight on the magical field at St. Ann's Academy, commemorating our inaugural year. Words hardly do these moments justice, but memories last forever. Join us for our fourth year of Diner en Blanc Victoria. Be sure to save the date - Thursday, June 23rd! Diner en Blanc reclaims one of Victoria's favourite landmarks for an evening of charm, elegance, tradition and fun. We'll see you there!

Victoria! As the days grow longer and the sun starts to shine brighter you've began to notice that the familiar white dress that's been docilely suspended in your wardrobe or that faithful linen shirt, pensively folded away, has recently been catching your eye a bit more than usual. One day, as you pick it up and blow the dust off, you roll your fingers over the embroidery and, for a moment, you are suddenly whisked back to a place of glamorous sophistication, elegance, food and friends, laughter and charm, the image of sparklers fizzing away into the depths of beautiful twilight. Nostalgia is a powerful force. As you return to the present, the rays of the sun slowly inching further into your home prompt a recollection of the spectacular summer. It's then that you realize it's approaching a year from that special evening you had just been taken back to. Quickly you rush to the computer to see if the math you had just done in your head is right. It is. Rejoice! You are both validated as an intellectual and delighted to find out that the day you suddenly crave so much is hardly more than a month and a half away... One word and two sets of numbers flash through your mind.

JUNE. 23rd. 2016.
Le Dîner en Blanc is returning to Victoria and it will be better than ever! So grab your whitest fine attire, corral your sophisticated friends, and mark the date! Registration opens soon! 
To complete the nostalgia, watch 2015's video here: 
And view our collections of photos from past years events here: 

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Karen D.
3 year ago
I can't seem to get into the current year's info. I have a confirmed registration but only get into 2014.

Davin G.
Table Leader
3 year ago
This is going to be great!
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