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Table Decor: How to Decorate Like a Party Planner for #DEBVictoria

With Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoria quickly approaching, surely you’ve thought about your outfit, come across some things to know about the event or even began planning your picnic. When planning for the sophisticated picnic, one must not overlook the addition of decor to complete your table for this exquisite evening.


When designing a table, keep different textures, layers and heights in mind--with blanc on blanc things can become lost easily. Having a variety of pieces (high and low, smooth and rough, soft and hard) will make them stand out. With variety, be careful not to add too many pieces, keep things simple. Here are some fun ideas to decorate your #DEBVictoria table like a party planner.


Blooming Elegance - Flowers are a charming way to centre any table. They also encapsulate the beauty of nature, a component that is highly celebrated at Le Dîner en Blanc.

2016DEBVictoria-photo-JonathanEvans-HighRes-image46.jpgdeb flowers.jpg


Paint it Blanc - This is a fun way to differentiate items that are not normally blanc. It is also a great way to incorporate texture to the table.

Diner en Blanc 2013 Haiti photo SAFIMAG 7454.jpgDiner en Blanc 2015 Honoluolu Michele Photo deco (3).jpg


Classique Français - Le Dîner en Blanc is a traditional event that blossomed Internationally from Paris. Why not stay true to the events’ roots and put your favourite twist on a Persian theme.



Light Up the Night - As the sun goes down, have your decor stand out. No candles are allowed, but small (battery powered) lights or candles are a classic alternative. An eye catching way to add light before the sparkler moment lights up the sky.

Diner en Blanc 2013 Haiti photo Darwin 292.jpgDiner en Blanc 2016 Boston photo TriciaMcCormack_36 HI.jpg

If you’re looking for white items for the evening be sure to check out and their buying and selling guide.


We look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity at Le Dîner en Blanc Victoria 2017. Let the countdown begin!


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