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Thank You For The Magic, Victoria

Dear Victoria,

One of the most quintessential elements of magic is that it only lasts fleetingly. On Thursday June 25th, 2015, for four brief hours we conjured a truly magical phenomenon. It can’t be recalled at will and it will never be forgotten. It was exciting and amazing experience to see all 1400 of you out in your “Blanc”, adding, even temporarily, another dynamic element to the picturesque landscape of downtown Victoria. Together we smiled, danced, ate, laughed, and shared in the magic. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for a beautiful evening.

As the event grows and becomes a bigger and bigger part of the Victoria summer lineup we have to extend our gratitude to all of you. An event like Dîner en Blanc is built by a community and in a community each single member is unequivocally important. Each of you, from the time you registered through to your attendance and until you finally stop telling your friends about it, made the event what it was. Each of you added your own unique stamp on the event and the culmination of all your dedication, passion, and unbridled excitement has brought about a truly memorable and special experience for everyone. Without even one of you the event would have been different.

In addition to all our attendees we would like to pay tribute to our producers: The Social Concierge and Brink Events as well as our amazing sponsors: RBC, Fairmont Empress, Indochino, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Charton Hobbs, Wilson's Transportation, Evian and the Alliance Francaise; our stunning caterer, The London Chef; PR experts, The Tartan Group; Promosa for all their hard work setting up the event and after party; all of our volunteers including Table and Group Leaders; and of course the City of Victoria for their contributions in making this event so successful.

In about a year’s time we will try, and try our hardest, to invoke the same magic that captured us last week but it will take all of you and more to recapture those elusive sparks and provide another stunning Dîner en Blanc experience to the stellar community of Victoria.

Dîner en Blanc Victoria 2015 official video here :

Sincere Regards,

Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoria Team

Jordan + Tyson + Aidan + Jamie

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